Research and Development (R&D) systems

Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration (RUV) method uses an innovative approach to access mechanical quality of the full-size crystalline silicon (Si) wafers using patented technology. The model RUV-2 Core is specifically adopted to perform crack and stress detection providing an operator with a “Go/No-Go” signal for each measured unit. Data file contains entire rejection recipe (rejection thresholds, frequency window, etc.), measured RUV parameters – amplitude, bandwidth and peak position, and pass/fail indication. The system is highly flexible allowing user to perform complicated R&D projects.

The RUV-2 Core system utilizes a concept of fast, non-destructive measurements of the resonance curve on full-size Si wafers increasing the yield of the PV production lines. The RUV system is a computer controlled unit with Windows-based software providing the system operation, data acquisition and data processing.

Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration Systems, RUV-2 Core, R&D system

System Description

  • Ultrasonic Technologies RUV-2 Core R&D system provides a solution to quickly, with throughput of 1 wafer every 2.0 seconds, and non-destructively detecting mm-size cracks in single-crystal (Czochralski) and cast Si wafers and cells.
  • This matches throughput of primary Solar Cell production lines offering an in-line control system. This unprecedented RUV system is by far better than any other method currently employed in the Solar Cell production industry.
  • Our customers will use the RUV-2 Core R&D system as a stand-alone off-line R&D unit. The RUV-2 Core system will allow establishing sensitivity limits of crack detection in as-cut and processed Si wafers and Solar Cells and specifying rejection “go/no-go” criteria. This will enhance equipment with quick and accurate crack detection capability.
  • This solution will solve the following objectives:
  1. Add Solar Cell crack detection capability.
  2. Increase customer's orders in Solar Cell manufacturing.
  3. Provide our customers with a leading edge over their competitors.