Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. (UST)

is an R&D and manufacturing company located in Florida (U.S.A.) specializing in ultrasonic quality and process control equipment for Silicon and LiTaO3 wafers, solar cells, fuel cells, and advanced ceramics. Commercialization of UST’s Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration (RUV) technology and systems were supported by the US Department of Energy through Small Business Innovative Research programs. Proprietary RUV technology was initially developed for photovoltaic and later expanded in the markets of advanced ceramic products (armor plates and solid oxide fuel cells) and medicine (glass syringe assemblies).

Our Team

Sergei Ostapenko, Founder and President of the company started UST to capitalize on the growing demand for semiconductor quality control devices and systems. In 2005 he invented and patented a new diagnostic system based on Resonance Ultrasonic Vibrations for in-line crack and delamination inspection. He earned a Ph.D. degree in physics and electronic materials in 1975. He has over 35 years of experience in metrology and characterization techniques. IT and Engineering group leaders have extensive expertise in software development, hardware design, and system prototyping using 3D printing. UST service team provides customer support of equipment.


Ultrasonic Technologies is committed to developing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting customized inspection systems for quality control of crystalline wafers for solar cells and SAW devices, advanced ceramic parts (rings, plates) and composite armor plates. We are dedicated to providing a solution for the renewable photovoltaic industry to make solar cell production more cost-effective by removing from the production lines mechanically unstable fragile parts.