RUV - Quality Control.

Ultrasonic Technologies offers RUV quality control systems to provide accurate and quick crack detection in Si wafers for solar cells and ceramic plates for solid oxide fuel cells.

Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration System, Model RUV-2.2 Crack Tester

System Description

Ultrasonic Technologies is offering a RUV-2.2 Crack Tester as a stand-alone quality control tool.

RUV-2.2 is perfectly suitable as a quality control tool for incoming and outgoing wafers and cells.

RUV-2.2 is used to increase production yield by reducing breakage rate in wafers, cells and modules manufacturing and improving wafer and cell quality by eliminating cracked elements.

RUV 2.2 is a practical tool for analyzing and improving equipment performance in regards to crack initiation and to assess vendors by performing incoming wafer or cell quality inspection.

RUV-2.2 utilizes a concept of fast, non-destructive measurements on full-size Si wafers or ceramic plates increasing the yield of the production lines. RUV 2.2 is a computer controlled system with Windows-based software that provides operation, data acquisition and data processing.

RUV-2.2 can be optionally upgraded with the Activation Station for sub-millimeter crack detection.

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