Ultrasonic Technologies completed a new development project for Ceradyne, Inc

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January 29, 2013

Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. completed a new development project for Ceradyne, Inc. intending to enhance quality control in Ceradyne’s manufacturing process by implementing the Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration (RUV) system. The RUV system is designed to be embedded into different stages of the composite plate’s manufacturing.

Ultrasonic and Ceradyne jointly performed comprehensive validation of RUV technology and documented high accuracy of flaw detection in the production of high-grade body armor plates.

According to Marc King, President of Ceradyne Armor Systems, Inc., “The RUV system will enhance the further refinement of our in-line manufacturing inspection and quality control insuring the “goodness” of our manufacturing process. Ceradyne is committed to making such improvements to ensure the safety and performance of the body armor being worn by our warfighters”.

“RUV tools are currently used in solar cell and fuel cell manufacturing. With this project for Ceradyne, the RUV technology is expanded to the market of ceramic-based armor plates”, commented Dr. Sergei Ostapenko, President and CEO of Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. “Our ultimate goal is to deploy portable, accurate and cost-effective RUV units to commercial and military customers, to significantly enhance protection and endurance of human personnel in the battlefield.”

For more information regarding the Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration systems, please contact support@ultrasonictech.com or visit our web site: www.ultrasonictech.com

Source: Ultrasonic Technologies

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