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Created on:
August 21, 2009

Ultrasonic Technologies Sells RUV system to Suniva, Inc

Ultrasonic Technologies Inc., an electronic equipment company that manufactures precision tools and systems for diagnostic and detection of cracks and stress in silicon (Si) based wafers, solar cells and integrated circuits inline in the production process has sold its state of the art Resonance Ultrasonic Vibrations (RUV) Crack Detection System to Suniva, Inc., a Norcross, GA based solar cell company that develops, manufactures and markets high-efficiency, low-cost monocrystalline silicon solar cells. The unit ordered is RUV 2.2 Quality Control crack detection system.

Suniva will use RUV-2.2 with fully automatic functions for incoming Quality Control of silicon wafers and final inspection of silicon solar cells. RUV-2.2 will assist Suniva in reducing production costs by detecting and removing mechanically unstable wafers/cells caused by periphery of bulk cracks.

Suniva and Ultrasonic Technologies will continue to collaborate on how improvements can be made to the manufacturing line. Ultrasonic Technologies will perform an off-site crack detection of Suniva's inventory at Ultrasonic Technologies' facility in Tampa, Florida.

Source: Ultrasonic Technologies

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