Structured Wire

In-line Sensor for Structured Wire

Structured Wire (SW) is an evolutionary wire technology that can significantly increase wafering productivity due to more efficient transport of slurry and faster cut rate. One of the challenges to utilize an advanced SW technology is the need to track, in real time, the physical SW parameters: bend amplitudes and periods. In-line Structured Wire Sensor is a new inspection system developed by Ultrasonic Technologies (UST) which allows automatic in-line measurements of SW characteristics prior to or during cutting of ingots. Following are the major specifications of SW Sensor:.

  • Maximum SW velocity: 13m/sec
  • Accuracy of two SW periods: 10 microns
  • Accuracy of two SW amplitudes: 5% of amplitude
  • Minimum SW base for data collection: 50cm
  • SW length: >120km
In-line Sensor for Structured Wire