RUV in Production: In-line Crack Detection.

Ultrasonic Technologies offers a complete range of products and services aimed to provide accurate and fast crack detection in Si wafers and solar cells.

  • Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration System, Model RUV-3

  • System Description

    Ultrasonic Technologies is offering Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration model (RUV-3) for inline detection of cracked wafers and cells in standard solar cell production lines with automatic, pick-and-place robot-controlled wafers loading and unloading.

    This model can be further integrated into belt-conveyor solar cell line for real-time crack detection in bare wafers, it can be used at the front-end of the solar panel production cycle.

    This tool is customizable to different solar cell production lines.

    System Description

    Tact time:
    > 2 sec per wafer (single ultrasonic head)
    < 2 sec per wafer (multi ultrasonic head)
    0.40 sec for data acquisition and analysis
    Wafer Dimensions:
    Minimum: 100 mm. x 100 mm.
    Maximum: 156 mm x 156 mm
    Thickness: >80 microns
    Wafer load/unload:
    Robot pick-and-place
    Full software control
    Operational modes:
    Calibration and production
    Plug and play to specific production line
    System stability:
    24/7, 97% up-time, 1.73 sec (peak) per cell

    The system utilizes a concept of fast, non-destructive measurements on full-size Si wafers increasing the yield of the PV production lines. RUV system is a computer controlled unit with Windows-based software providing the system operation, data acquisition and data processing.

    Contact us for additional system specification and information about pricing and delivery terms.

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